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Silly Santa

Silly Santa


What do you call a fat, unshaven old man who trims his red suit with the fur of murdered ermine? Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Sinter Klaas (Dutch) or Father Christmas.



Here are some things they never tell you about Santa:

  1. The real Saint Nicholas was a rich bishop who lived in Myra (which is now a part of Turkey) in the fourth century.
  2. Old pictures of Saint Nicholas showed him surrounded by three purses of gold.
  3. French priests of the 1950s claimed Santa was not a Christian figure… so he must be a creature of the devil. They built a bonfire and burned a Santa figure on it.
  4. Santa’s visit hasn’t always been a fun and exciting thing. In Holland it could be scary. The problem was the Dutch Santa Claus (called Sinter Klaas by Dutch children who are clearly wrong at spelling) had a little friend with him called Black Peter. Unpopular Peter carried a whip with him and it was his job to flog children who’d been naughty!

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