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June, 2012

Essential skills on T-SQL Programming

> Create Database Objects – CREATE/ALTER/DROP TABLE/COLUMN – Data Types (XML, DATETIME, SPATIAL, VARCHAR) – Constraints (Primary Key, Foreign Key, Unique, Check, Default) – Calculated Column – Views – Indexed Views (SCHEMABINDING, COUNT_BIG(*), CLUSTERED INDEX) – Stored Procedures, [link]. – DML Triggers (INSERTED, UPDATED, UPDATE function) vs CHECK Constraint – TRIGGER for VIEWS (INSTEAD OF) …Continue reading

UDF | User Defined Functions – Scalar, ITV, MTV

UDF or User Defined Functions are a set or batch of code where one can apply any SQL logic and return a single scalar value or a record set. According to MS BOL UDFs are the subroutines made up of one or more Transact-SQL statements that can be used to encapsulate code for reuse. These …Continue reading