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A Leap Second tonight at 23:59

A leap second is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in order to correspond to the mean solar time. An adjustment of +1 second is scheduled for 23:59 UTC on the 30th June 2015.
This change will be carried out globally and simultaneously at the UTC scheduled time, adjust accordingly for your timezone. For example, the leap second change will take place at 19:59 in Eastern Standard Time.

Only systems configured as Network Time Protocol (NTP) clients are potentially affected as they will receive a NTP packet with a leap second flag on the day of the adjustment.

Note: ESXi/ESX are unaffected by the leap second change. For more information, see VMware ESXi and Leap Seconds (2121190).
For a list of VMware products which are unaffected by the leap second change, see VMware products unaffected by the Leap Second change (2121624).

A generic solution is to disable NTP prior to the adjustment and enable it again after the adjustment.


For customers with valid current Support and Subscription services contracts for a product, VMware will, subject to the terms and conditions for its Support and Subscription services, provide telephone or web-based technical assistance to customer’s technical contact(s) with respect to technical product problems for those products, at the corresponding services level purchased by customer.

Note: The leap second addition runs at an operating system level. For example, see Leap Seconds effect on VMware vCloud Director (2121201).

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