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March, 2014

Rename SQL Report Server

  In order to rename computer that runs a SQL 2012 report server, do the following: Open RSReportServer.config in a text editor and modify the UrlRoot setting to reflect the new server name. The UrlRoot setting is used by delivery extensions to compose the URL used to access items stored on the report server. Changing …Continue reading

How to Clear the Terminal History on Linux / Mac OS X

It’s easy. Just type this command: history -c All that history is stored in the ~/.bash_history file — that tilde and slash represent our user folder, so it’s really something like /home/username/.bash_history and it contains all of the commands we’ve typed at the terminal. We could just edit that file to remove the line that …Continue reading

Scripting Deployment and Administrative Tasks

Reporting Services comes with a command line utility, rs.exe, that allows us to administer Report Server via scripts that run Web Service operations.  These scripts must be written in VB.NET and a suggested extension for them is rss (Reporting Services script file). For more information, see We can use rs.exe to publish the …Continue reading