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Christmas Eve at Winter Wonderland

Christmas is upon me once again and the house I live is already in glitter.

Being new in the country, this Christmas season comes with a number of self-reflection; a time to share, to love and give back and above all, get closer to God.

May Jesus be the Center of of Our Life, and make a hope!
Here’s the lyrics of song called ‘See Hope’ from the Trinity Methodist Church

Light a candle in a darkened place,
in its flame see hope on every face,
Christ our Saviour will be born,
heralding a brand new dawn,
so let it burn.

In the darkness, see the coming light,
Word of God speaks through the darkest night,
keep a watch, the time is near,
time for hope and not for fear,
so let it burn.

Stepping through each page of history,
prophets contemplate this mystery,
celebrate the coming King,
words of joy and hope they bring,
so let it burn.

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