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SQL Server 2014 Data Tools for Business Intelligence

The Google Chrome browser is now supported platform for MS. SQL Server 2014 release of Reporting Services.

The BIDS is no longer provided with the SQL Server 2014, and you’ll need to download it manually at Microsoft Download Center.

SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT-BI), previously known as Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), is used to create Analysis Services models, Reporting Services reports, and Integration Services packages. You can download SSDT-BI from the following locations:

Note that SDT for Visual Studio 2010 is no longer available so we have to choose a newer version. Newer versions of SSDT will run side-by-side your existing Visual Studio 2010 installation. Click here for further information.

On this case, I’ll use Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition


If you encounter an error Same architecture installation” failed. Don’t bother, it’s just a Microsoft glitch as the product as there is no available┬áSQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence in 64 bit.

If you are non-technical user, you could use Report Builder to design the report as it significantly reduce the complexity of Visual Studio.

Here’s my summary what tasks work best for both design tools:


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