People are capable of all kinds of good thinking, but some just don't see what's right in front of their noses.


Christmas Eve at Winter Wonderland

Christmas is upon me once again and the house I live is already in glitter. Being new in the country, this Christmas season comes with a number of self-reflection; a time to share, to love and give back and above all, get closer to God. May Jesus be the Center of of Our Life, and …Continue reading

Good Friday and Easter 2014

The Easter holidays are the perfect time to escape for a short break, whether we choose to take a long weekend break beginning on the Good Friday or arrive midweek break on coming Tuesday/Wednesday. Unfortunately, Good Friday and Easter are not public holidays in Peninsular Malaysia. In local churches, Eggs will be decorated, distributed and …Continue reading

Christmas Cwiz

Of course kids like Christmas ‘cos there’s no school, no tests, no homework, etc. That’s why I invented a test for them to sit! You have five minutes to answer ‘True’ or ‘False’ and reach me through Contact Form on main menu The ‘X’ in Xmas stands for the cross that Jesus died on. In …Continue reading

Jesus or Yahushua?

“Jesus” is commonly used to refer to the Son, it is actually from the Greek “Iesus,” which refers to the pagan god, Zeus. The name of Yahuwah’s Son is very much like His own: Yahushua The beautiful meaning contained in the Saviour’s name is an all-encompassing revelation of the mighty salvation offered sinners.  Yahushua means: …Continue reading

Silly Santa

  What do you call a fat, unshaven old man who trims his red suit with the fur of murdered ermine? Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Sinter Klaas (Dutch) or Father Christmas.     Here are some things they never tell you about Santa: The real Saint Nicholas was a rich bishop who lived in Myra …Continue reading

Easter is paganism?

Do you celebrate Easter? A good day to start writing a blog… Easter Sunday is the highlight of the Roman Catholic liturgical year when the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. The origins of Easter, however, reveal that it flows directly from ancient paganism.  Shortly after the flood, Nimrod reestablished idolatry in the earth.  After …Continue reading