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September, 2013

Secure Home WiFi Network

Protecting our WiFi network is probably a repetitive problem like playing cat and mouse. The trick is always to keep one step ahead of the hacker and to place as many barriers as possible in their way. The more barriers the hackers have to leap over, the higher the chance they would look elsewhere for …Continue reading

Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.18 released!

VirtualBox has a special place in my heart as it comes with a nice graphical user interface and we can try a lot of new software in Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts. Best of all, VirtualBox supports a variety of hardware and pass on its benefits to virtual machines, so for example, we can …Continue reading

Password master

Passwords certainly can be hard to remember. The best tend to be those that use memorable words that we alter to follow rules, for example: ‘f@Th3r’ (e becomes ‘3’, @ becomes ‘a’ and ‘t’ is a capital ‘T’). However, using different password for every single web service we use and every machine we log in …Continue reading

Certified Data Centre Professional

Today I received an email from Exin that I passed my exam of Certified Data Centre Professional that I took on 27th of August, 2013.