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July, 2013

SQL Server 2014 CTP1 is now available for download

Finally the wait is over to get your hands dirty on SQL Server 2014 as the first Community Test Preview (CTP1) is released and is available for download form the Microsoft Official Site. –> Download the SQL Server 2014 CTP1 [Click here]. You will need to login with your Windows Live ID to go to …Continue reading


They both return distinct values by comparing the results of two queries. EXCEPT returns any distinct values from the left query that are not also found on the right query. INTERSECT returns any distinct values that are returned by both the query on the left and right sides of the INTERSECT operand. The basic rules …Continue reading

NTILE() in Transact-SQL

This function is used to distribute the rows in an ordered partition into a specified number of groups. The groups are numbered, starting at one. For each row, NTILE returns the number of the group to which the row belongs. Syntax NTILE (integer_expression) OVER ( [ <partition_by_clause> ] < order_by_clause > ) Arguments integer_expression Is …Continue reading