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November, 2013

Isochronic Tones

I spent my last 5 days with some meditation listening to Isochronic tones, and as the result, my brain is obviously stimulated and feel more relaxed and focused. Here’s one of my favorite Isochronic tones – A credit to Jason Lewis from   Our mind has the power to change our outlooks, with the …Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 Essential

I believe Windows Server 2012 is a huge release, with numerous new features as well as a new licensing model. In term of edition, Windows Server 2012 fall into three groups. First there are the main editions, Standard and Datacenter. These are what most businesses will license. For low-end editions aimed at small businesses or …Continue reading

Cloud Computing is suitable for Small Business

In the world of Computer or Information Technology, new trends and releases are always being discovered, each of which have their own impact on the way businesses operate. Cloud computing is one of these trends, and for many small companies, it is changing the way they do business. As the IT industry continues to evolve, …Continue reading

VMware Workstation 10

VMware Workstation 10 is available for purchase from the VMware online store for $249 (US) Key new features in VMware Workstation 10 include: The Latest Operating Systems – Easy Install now recognizes Windows 8.1 and new Linux distributions to make it easier than ever to create current virtual machines. Computers running Windows 8.1 can be converted …Continue reading

VMware Certified Associate – Workforce Mobility

I finally passed the VCAW510 exam, and would receive the hard copy of VCA-WM certification within 4-6 weeks. Authentication Form: Authentication Code: 11897679-AE42-59B822A6FC1E With the VCA-Workforce Mobility certification, I am certified to have a greater credibility when discussing workforce mobility and end-user computing, the business challenges that VMware Horizon Suite is designed to address, …Continue reading

Branch Reflector

In the branch office, we could designate a local Mirage-managed endpoint as a Branch Reflector to handle layer updates for local PCs. Peer Mirage-enabled endpoints can then download layer updates from the Branch Reflector, instead of from the Mirage Server in the data center. This feature has several benefits such as: Reduce WAN network usage …Continue reading