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A Leap Second tonight at 23:59

A leap second is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in order to correspond to the mean solar time. An adjustment of +1 second is scheduled for 23:59 UTC on the 30th June 2015. This change will be carried out globally and simultaneously at the UTC scheduled time, adjust accordingly for your timezone. For …Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 Essential

I believe Windows Server 2012 is a huge release, with numerous new features as well as a new licensing model. In term of edition, Windows Server 2012 fall into three groups. First there are the main editions, Standard and Datacenter. These are what most businesses will license. For low-end editions aimed at small businesses or …Continue reading

Install Windows Server 2012 Server Unattended

We can also perform an unattended installation of Windows Server 2012. This provides a useful method to rapidly deploy new servers in our environment. Unattended installs are completed by creating an answer file. The answer file is the file containing the main configuration for the Windows Server 2012 installation. Setting can include application configuration, such …Continue reading

Disaster Recovery

Background Power Outage occurred quite frequent in Malaysia especially in year 2013. Refer to, there were 4 times of blackout between May, June and July 2013. Disaster recovery is different from Disaster avoidance. DA is about how to prevent a disaster (no downtime), and in the other side, DR is about how to recover …Continue reading

Information Rights Management

To download, see Microsoft KB 979099 In Exchange 2010, IRM protection can be applied to messages using the following methods: Manually by Outlook users   Your Outlook users can IRM-protect messages with the AD RMS rights policy templates available to them. This process uses the IRM functionality in Outlook, and not Exchange. However, you can use …Continue reading