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Christmas Cwiz

Christmas Quiz

Of course kids like Christmas ‘cos there’s no school, no tests, no homework, etc. That’s why I invented a test for them to sit!

You have five minutes to answer ‘True’ or ‘False’ and reach me through Contact Form on main menu

The ‘X’ in Xmas stands for the cross that Jesus died on.

  1. In the Middle Ages, you could get a ready-cooked goose take away for Christmas
  2. Tinsel is put on Christmas trees because it look like spider’s webs
  3. Christmas pudding was invented soon after the first Christmas
  4. Rosemary was thrown on the floor at Christmas and trampled by everyone!
  5. The popular song ‘Jingle Bells’ was written specially for Christmas
  6. Santa is dead and buried in Italy.
  7. In the USA, there is one town called Santa Claus
  8. Tinsel was invented as a Christmas tree decoration
  9. Ducks in walmer, Kent, get a present every Christmas.


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