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RS.exe Utility (SSRS)

RS.exe Utility (SSRS)

Rs.exe is a command line utility included with SQL Server Reporting Services. This rss script supports copying content such as reports and data sources from one report server to another. The script supports both native mode report servers and SharePoint mode report servers. For example, you can use the script to copy content from a native mode report server to a SharePoint mode report server.

Basic Example, native mode report server to native mode report server:
The following example migrates content from the native mode Sourceserver to the native mode Targetserver.

rs.exe -i ssrs_migration.rss -e Mgmt2010 -s http://SourceServer/ReportServer -u Domain\User -p password -v ts=”http://TargetServer/reportserver” -v tu=”Domain\Userser” -v tp=”password

Click here to download the ssrs_migration.rss


rs {-?}
{-i input_file=}
{-s serverURL}
{-u username}
{-p password}
{-e endpoint}
{-l time_out}
{-b batchmode}
{-v globalvars=}
{-t trace}

-i "C:\Users\ReportsDeploymentOne.rss" 
-s "http://SQL-SERVER/ReportServer" 
-v filePath="d:\Program Files (x86)\Reports\ReportFileName.rdl" 
-v  parentFolder="Reports"

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