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vCloud API

vCloud architecture:


Some questions raised
– How do we integrate vCloud Director with other software?
– How do we get our data back out once we’ve put it in to a cloud?

In the case of vCloud Director, this is not an issue because virtual machines can be exported into Open Virtualization Format (OVF), a standard adopted by leading virtualization providers in the industry.

vCloudAPIFor example, we could export our virtual machines into OVF format, and then host them on a vSphere host that isn’t part of a cloud.

In addition, vCloud Director is designed to be highly interoperable. The vCloud API stack provides an open framework that we can use to integrate cloud solution/services into our own application or interface (incorporate new functionality or just design a new front-ent interface).

In conclusion, the APIs allows us great flexibility in how we adopt the VMware Cloud

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